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List of figures

  • Figure 1 Quality improvement communication model – derived from EFQM.
  • Figure 2 Conceptual research model
  • Figure 3 Rovaha brand equity model (RBE model)
  • Figure 4 research paper model
  • Figure 5 Factors that affect customer satisfaction
  • Figure 6 Performance measures reflecting long-term profitability
  • Figure 7 Intrinsic, exchange, use and utilitarian value
  • Figure 8 Customer value hierarchy model (woodruff 1997)
  • Figure 9 Base model of channel purchase intentions
  • Figure 10 Importance of brand functions in B2B versus B2C
  • Figure 11Clasification of customer satisfaction criteria
  • Figure 12 Intervention cycle
  • Figure 13. Research strategy and method.
  • Figure 14 The original Swedish Customer Satisfaction Barometer model
  • Figure 15 The American Customer Satisfaction Index model
  • Figure 16 The Norwegian Customer Satisfaction barometer model
  • Figure 17 The European Customer Satisfaction Index model
  • Figure 18 Recommended SCI model – ECSI / EPSI model
  • Figure 19 European coverage EPSI

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