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5.2 Comparison of customer satisfaction models.

The four CSI models are fundamentally similar in measurement model (i.e. causal model), they have some obvious distinctions in model's structure and variable's selection so that their results cannot be compared with each other.

All models have an academic/scientific, causal construct. The purpose of each CSI construct is to be a structural equation model for standard measurement for evaluation of customer satisfaction based on a set of latent variables determined by a set of manifest constructs. Each latent variable is measured, the level of each latent variable estimated, the relevant connections between the latent variable established and the magnitude of the connections estimated. The objective of all CSI models is to provide results that are relevant, reliable, valid and have predictive financial capability. The national CSI models are evaluated from four perspectives;

  1. The Latent variables comparison (table 12)
  2. The Endogenous and exogenous variables compariso (table 13)
  3. CSI comparison - generic qualities (table 14)
  4. National CSI model platforms versus EU locations (table 15)

5.2.1 Most important similarities and differences among the models.

Table 11 Latent variables comparison table






Customer expectations Yes Yes   Yes

Perceived overall quality   Yes    

Perceived performance Yes      

Perceived service quality       Yes

Perceived product quality       Yes

Quality drivers     Yes  

Affective commitment     Yes  

Calculative commitment     Yes  

Corporate image     Yes Yes

Perceived value   Yes   Yes

Price index     Yes  

Complaint handling     Yes  

Customer complaints Yes Yes    

Customer satisfaction Yes Yes Yes Yes

Customer loyalty Yes Yes Yes Yes

Table 12 Endogenous and exogenous variables comparison table






Customer expectations Exo Exo   Endo

Perceived overall quality   Endo    

Perceived performance Endo      

Perceived service quality       Endo

Perceived product quality       Endo

Quality drivers     Exo  

Affective commitment     Endo  

Calculative commitment     Endo  

Corporate image     Endo Exo

Perceived value   Endo   Endo

Price index     Exo  

Complaint handling     Endo  

Customer complaints Endo Endo    

Customer satisfaction Endo Endo Endo Endo

Customer loyalty Endo Endo Endo Endo

Table 13 CSI comparison - generic qualities






Linked to quality organizations   Yes   Yes

Causal equation model Yes Yes Yes Yes

Publish national results   Yes   Yes

Publish sector results   Yes   Yes

Computer aid telephone survey/interview Yes Yes Yes Yes

Table 14 National CSI model platforms versus (future) EU locations






Norway     Yes Yes

Sweden Yes     Yes

Germany       Yes



France       Yes


England       Yes



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