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Customer survey email invitation

Your survey email invitation plays a crucial role in persuading your customer to start and complete your survey. Inviting customers to join your valuable survey takes more than a single bold hyperlink to your online survey page. The challenge is to ensure that your invitation will be read by your customer and that he/she take your survey from the beginning to the end. Hence it most be clear that the survey will have benefits for your customer. Some best practice rules to take notice of:

  • Prepare your customer
    • Be sure to inform your customer that you send an email incentive for participating the survey. This will improve your survey's response rate significantly.
    • Be sure that the recipients have agreed to receive emails/offers from your company Make sure your email invitation appears legitimate.
  • Use a simple and standard email format (no html, etc.) so your customer will not likely think it's spam
  • Provide your contact information; your customer should have some way to contact you if the survey has any issues.
  • Transparent and straight forward subject line to identify the purpose of the email.
    • Subject lines should be kept short, no more than 35 characters.
    • Don't use caps, exclamation points, or dollar signs and avoid using spam sensitive words Make the email invitation personal
  • Include personal information, such as the recipient's name.
    • Include order details of his/her last project/product/service.
    • Thank your customer in advance for their participation and assure confidentiality of their responses
  • Explain the benefits of participating.
    • Inform your customer what you are interested in doing with the survey results
  • Indicate how long the survey will take.
    • As a rule of thumb, respondents can complete 5 closed-ended questions per minute.
  • Include a deadline for survey completion.
    • This will encourage your customer to complete the survey once started.
  • Include the survey URL and instructions for accessing the survey
    • Include only one "call to action"

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